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My first box art! I’m super excited I got to do the character art for the Cerise Wolf Ever After High Comic-Con Exclusive! They gave it the royal packaging treatment as is the norm for comic con exclusives and it looks amazing. My name is on the box all fancy and everything. They even made a huge standee of it for the con floor. It’s taller than me, but I’m pretty short.

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Oh my god, she is finally here: Cerise Wolf! Probably the most expensive doll I’ve ever owned!!! I paid about 130 € on ebay, but I regret absolutely NOTHING!

The box she was in is HUGE and looks simply awesome. 

Look at this beaufitul doll… <3 All her lovely details! I’ll take more pictues later.

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The Ever After High Yearbook!!!

This is a GORGEOUS book, I love the art style, and it is a hefty 112 pages! The preview looks so good, lots of beautiful art of the school and surrounding areas, a lot of interesting facts about the students like their favorite classes, school activities/events and stuff.Here are some highlights from the preview:

  • Table of contents has section included for Falculty AND Parents! Hopefully we will meet more of the staff at Ever After High, and a glimpse of some of the parents!!!
  • On the map of Ever After High, there’s a section with lots of ships (perhaps pirate ships? peter pan characters to be added soon? something else?), an Agrabah style castle (ALADDIN characters!?!?!), a Greek style temple (hercules perhaps?) Of course this is all just speculation, nothing concrete! just my thoughts…

I cannot wait for this book! It’s suppose to come out August 26 2014!!!